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Meet the Chef


Head Chef at James Martin Manchester, Doug Crampton started his career in Leeds as a sous chef, before a trip down the M62 to Manchester235. Doug has worked alongside James Martin since the restaurant’s launch in 2013 to produce a menu which offers a mix of classic British cuisine; locally sourced, big on flavour and deliciously accessible.


Signature dish?
A Sunday roast, with several Yorkshire puddings!

Favourite restaurant?
Noma, in Copenhagen

What’s your go-to meal at home?
Thai noodle broth

Funniest thing to happen in the kitchen?
Preparing dinner for an evening in the dark during a powercut!

Advice to a young chef?
Learn every small detail of your craft, and work harder than anyone else.

Chef's Tips

Making the perfect roast potatoes:

  • When the potatoes are peeled and dry, scratch them all over with a fork for extra crispiness
  • Let the potatoes dry out fully before putting in the oven
  • Always season well before baking!

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