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The 235 Hand - Your Chance to be Rake Free.

Your Chance to be Rake Free!

Win a hand with 2/3/5 suited and become rake free!

Win a pot, post flop, holding any combination of 2/3/5 suited as your hole cards and become rake free.

Met Card holders only.


Terms & Conditions

  1. If a player wins a pot, post flop, holding any combination of 2, 3 and 5 suited (e.g: 2/3 Hearts or 3/5 Diamonds or 2/5 club etc) as their hole cards, they will qualify to become rake free.
  2. When multiple boards are run in one hand, only the top board applies.
  3. A rake free card will be placed in front of the qualifying player to indicate they are the current (and only) rake free player on the table.
  4. Any other player may ‘steal’ and hold the rake free card by subsequently winning with a qualifying hand.
  5. The rake free card may move to any player who wins under the qualifying criteria.
  6. Any player, being the current holder of the rake free card, who is away from the table for more than 30mins, automatically loses the rake free card.
  7. This promotion is available to Met Card holders only. Players must be signed in to qualify.
  8. There will be one rake free card per table, if a player transfers tables whilst holding the rake free card they will relinquish it back to the dealer.
  9. The hand must be won ‘post flop’ to qualify. Both hole cards must be tabled.
  10. Any foul play that may influence the outcome of the poker hand will result in an Rake Free card not being issued.
  11. A minimum of 5 players must be dealt into the hand (excluded Omaha).
  12. The RFP must remain visible in front of the qualifying player whilst at the table.
  13. All regular Jackpot contributions will be taken from each qualifying pot.
  14. Any breaks longer than 30 minutes may result in forfeit of the RFP.
  15. Rake Free card’s cannot be transferred to other tables.
  16. A Rake Free card is forfeited if a table breaks.
  17. The managements decision is final.
  18. No cash alternative is available.
  19. The management is not responsible for lost/stolen or misplaced Rake Free cards.
  20. Employees of Metropolitan Gaming, their agents, families or household members are prohibited from participating in this promotion.
  21. Promoter: Metropolitan Gaming, 55 Baker Street, London W1U 8EW.
  22. Omaha and variations of:
  23. A player qualifies for an Rake Free card on any variation of Omaha by winning with 2/3/5 suited, post flop, with a straight flush only.
  24. All other terms and conditions above apply.

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