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Join us for the grand finale of Jackpot Payback where we will be drawing all of our big cash winners over three days of poker themed fun!
The lucky winners of the cash giveaway draws will be at the following times:
Thursday 6th September
8pm £500
10pm £500
12am £1000
Friday 7th September
8pm £1000
10pm £1000
12am £1000
Saturday 8th September
6pm £1000
8pm £1000
10pm £1000
12am £2000
There will be cash tables running each night with a whole host of sweet treats and surprises!
Any players unsure of how many tickets they have in total can ask at the Poker desk anytime we are open.
We will also be running a High Hand Of The day for the 3 days of our promotion between the hours of:
Thursday 7pm-12am
Friday 7pm-12am
Saturday 5pm-12am
Make sure you don’t miss out as the holder of the Highest Hand on any NLH game during these hours will win a free entry to our £20K Main Event scheduled for end of September! One ticket to be won each day.

*Players must be present at the time of the draw to claim the prize.

**Please note the Freaky Friday and Saturday Rebuy tournaments on 7/8 September will be cancelled.

What is it?

A cash game promotion resulting in cash and prizes given away via prize draws in September.

When is it?

The tracked hours are between 23 April and 12 August 12. We are planning 3 nights of cash and prize giveaways between 6-8 September.

How does it work?

For 16 weeks, between 23 April and 12 August, every 10hrs of play will earn players 1 raffle ticket for the draw of prizes. More hours of play means more raffle tickets in the draw. We will continue to take £1 from every pot over £30 but will be splitting it up and putting 25p aside for the Jackpot Payback and putting the remaining 75p into the current Jackpot fund. There is no admin fee for this.


When talking to regular customers about cash promotions many were disappointed that they had never been part of a Royal Flush pay-out which is surprising as we have given away over £450,000 of pay-outs. We decided to portion off 25% of the collection for a set time and give it back on a determined date. We debated having a cash race but many players didn’t like having to play with the cash for a certain period, especially tournament style. After lots of consultation with customers we decided to keep it simple and just give it back via a raffle. We've ran this promotion twice now and had loads of positive feedback. The only negative feedback was from players who were unable to attend: we have improved to 3 days of cash prize giveaways to allow better involvement from all players.

What if I can’t make it for the prize nights?

Sorry to hear you can’t make the cash giveaway and prizes! It’s not all bad; there are other benefits for cash game players running at the moment - we have points awarded for every hour you play and we are keeping the 235Hand promotion as it is extremely popular. #3/5suited for the win!

I love the idea, I’m excited already. What do I need to do?

Nothing more than play some cash game poker, every 10hrs of tracked play earns you another entry ticket to the draw, more tickets means more chances of winning. Make sure you show your Total Rewards Card to the poker desk, raffle tickets are for Total Reward card holders only.


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