Try your hand at beating our dealers at live Three Card Poker in Manchester, with minimum bets of just £5.

A casino favourite.

Three Card Poker derives from the 16th century British card game, Three Card Brag.

The object of this fast-moving game is to achieve a Three Card Poker hand higher than that of the Dealer. Unlike other Poker games, you’re not competing against other Players, just the Dealer.

Minimum bets from just £2.

There are three different bets you can place in this game:

    • Ante and Play - you’re betting your hand will be a higher poker ranking than the Dealer's hand
    • Pair Plus® - this is an additional bet that your hand will contain a pair or better. This is paid regardless of the Dealer’s hand at the appropriate odds (even money to 35-1)
    • Prime - a side bet that your hand will be all the same colour. If the Dealer’s hand is also the same colour, it increases the odds paid out to you.

    Decide which bets you want to play – Ante, Pair Plus and Prime. You can also play our progressive side bet, giving you the chance to win some of the biggest jackpots in Manchester!

    Once the cards have been dealt, you can take a look at your hand. If you think you have a better hand than the Dealer's hidden hand, then you add a bet to ‘Play’ your hand. Your Play bet must be equal to your Ante bet.

    To qualify, the Dealer must have a hand of at least Queen high. If the Dealer does not qualify with a Queen high, then all Ante bets are paid along with any winning Pair Plus, Prime and Ante bonus bets.

    If the Dealer qualifies and your hand beats the Dealer’s, then your Ante and Play bets are paid at even money. The Dealer will then pay any winning Ante Bonus and Pair Plus bets.

    Should the Dealer’s hand beat your hand; the Dealer will collect both your Ante bet and Play bet. Pair Plus bets are still paid as per the odds listed on the table.

    • Choose which bets you want to play – Ante, Pair Plus and Prime.
    • Don’t look at your cards until the Dealer has dealt to everyone at the table and themselves.
    • Contrary to five card poker, in Three Card Poker a ‘straight’ ranks higher than a ‘flush’.
    • When Players have decided to play their hand, they usually place them on the play box and place their bet on top.




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