A casino favourite

Great for learners, Three Card Poker is simple: does your hand beat the dealer’s? Unlike other Poker games you are not competing against other players, just the dealer - and if you know Poker hands then you already know the winning hands in Three Card Poker.

The exciting, but not frantic, pace offers time for interaction and questions. It’s this, combined with the range of egalite (side) bets, that makes the game a real winner.

At Manchester235, where you’ll find the friendliest dealers in some of the most luxurious surroundings in town, the minimum bet is £2.

Three Card Poker derives from the 16th century British card game, Three Card Brag.

Choosing to play Three Card Poker at Manchester235 also means you can enjoy all the benefits of the richest casino loyalty programme in the UK. Caesars Rewards opens doors to all sorts of offers, promotions and invitations. Plus you can use your Reward Credits in Caesars Rewards resorts across the United States.

  • Ante and Play - you’re betting your hand will be of a higher poker ranking than the dealer's hand.
  • Pair Plus® - this is an additional bet that your hand will contain a pair or better. This is paid regardless of the dealer’s hand at the appropriate odds (even money to 35-1)
  • Prime - a side bet that your hand will be all the same colour. If the dealer’s hand is also the same colour, it increases the odds paid out to you.
  • If your Ante bet has a straight or better, then you’ll receive an Ante Bonus, regardless of the value of the dealer's hand.
  • If the dealer’s hand doesn’t contain a Queen or higher, then you will win even money on your Ante bet and the Play bet will be a stand-off.
  • And if the dealer has the higher poker hand, your Ante and Play will both lose.
  • When all the bets have been placed on the Ante and/or Pair Plus bets you may also place a Prime bet.


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