A simple contest between the Player and the Bank

Punto Banco is an American variation of the famous Baccarat card game. Here, at Manchester235, we have three Punto Banco tables with all the interesting egalite (side) bets that make this easy game such fun.

In Punto Banco, the Dealer draws two cards from a shoe for the Player (Punto) and for the Bank (Banco). The value of the two cards in each hand is added together, and the nearest to nine is declared the winning hand. Simple!

Baccarat dates back to the 14th century and was primarily popular among French royalty before gaining popularity across Europe in the 19th century. Its name means zero in Italian - in the game, all tens and picture cards have a value of zero, as does a hand that totals 10, for example a 7 and a 3.

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  • You do not have to play any other wagers to have a bet on any egalite (this being that both hands will have the same total).
  • You can bet on one or more of the individual egalites but you must have either a Bank, Player or any egalite bet as well.
  • Due to the way the drawing rules are designed the Banker's hand has a slight advantage, which is why you pay 5% commission when you win on this hand.
  • When the cards are being drawn, please wait for the Dealer to indicate to you if additional cards are required.
  • The black or red cutting card signifies the end of the shoe.


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