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The Poker Lounge in Manchester The Poker Lounge in Manchester

The Poker Lounge in Manchester


The Poker Lounge in Manchester is a dedicated Poker space with an electric atmosphere. It is home to the best cash games in the North West 7 days a week and 24 hours at weekends. There is also a variety of weekly scheduled tournaments.

Poker Lounge Opening Times

Mon - Thursday 7pm - 7.30am

Friday 6.30pm - Monday 6.30am (24 hour opening at weekends)


Our progressive jackpot was launched on Friday 21st November initially seeded with £5k on all hold'em cash games.

The High Hand Jackpot and Bad Beat Bonus currently stands at £3,478 (19th February, 2015).

Every player is in it, every player can win it!* Visit the Poker Lounge for your chance to win the jackpot.

 *This promotion is available for Player Rewards members only

Lucky Draw

Launches on Sunday 1st March

The “Lucky Draw” will be held every day at 1am , when the dealer will draw a number from 1-10 and the number drawn will represent the amount of rake free hands the players on their table will get.

Tournament information

Registration for all tournaments opens approximately 1 hour before the start.

All tournaments have £4 registration fee.


       £1000 GUARANTEED      £1200 GUARANTEED


£25 buy-in

   10k starting stack

 20 minute levels

 (1 reg fee free re-entry allowed) 

FRIDAY 8.15pm

£20 buy-in

8k starting stack

20 minute levels

(unlimited re-entry)

SUNDAY 4.15pm

£30 buy-in
+£5 bounty

15k starting stack

20 minute levels

 (headhunter / 1 reg fee re-entry allowed) 


New Tournament schedule

Launch date of this schedule to be confirmed.






Student Monday



  • £5 buy-in + £3 reg fee + £10 re-buy + £10 add-on
  • 5k starting stack, 10k re-buy, 10k add-on
  • 25 min clock until the end of  level 4, break, 20 min clock thereafter

Round of Each Thursday



  • £10 buy-in + £3 reg fee
  • Unlimited re-entry
  • 5k starting stack,  5k Re-Entry stack
  • 20 min clock.

Freaky Friday



  • £20 buy-in + £4 reg fee
  • Unlimited re-entry
  • 8k starting stack, 8k re-entry
  • 20  min clock

Turbo Saturday



  • £20 buy-in + £5 reg fee + £20 re-buy + £20 add-on
  • 10k starting stack + 10k re-buy + 20k add-on
  • 20 min clock until the end of level 4, break
  • 15 min clock thereafter.

"Player's Power" Sunday


£1200 rolling guarantee

  • £25 buy-in + £4 reg fee + £5 bounty.
  • 1 re-entry allowed
  • 15k starting stack
  • 20 min clock


Big Wednesday

The first Wednesday of every month



  • £25 buy-in + £5 reg fee

  • 1k starting stack, 1k re-entry (£25 + £5)

  • Hot buffet at the break



Available every night from 7pm weekdays and 24 hours at the weekends.


  • Lucky Draw Promotion from 1st March
  • 235 Double Chance Jackpot
  • Rake capped at £5 on all games in Poker Lounge
If you would like to speak to a member of our team please call 0161 828 0300


Buy-in Limits Rake
Min Max % Cap
NLH 50p - £1* £20 £100 5% 5
NLH £1 - 1 £40 £200** £5
NLH £1 - 2 £100 None
NLH £1 - 3 £200 None
PLO/DC £1 - 1 £50 £500*
PLO/DC £2 - 2 £100 None



NLH = No Limit (Texas) Hold’Em
PLO = Pot Limit Omaha

*The 50p - £1 NLH will be available on Monday nights only.

**As specified or equal to the biggest stack in play on the table at the time.

Under no circumstances can a player buy-in for less than the minimums stated above.

If there is a Game Type/Blind Level you wish to play that has not been specified above, please ask a supervisor and we’ll try to accommodate your request.

Game Types and Blind Levels offered are not always guaranteed and are dependant on the current business demands and staffing levels/capabilities at the time.

Rake Reductions: The rake reductions are available for Omaha/DC games every Thursday from 18:00 12am.


Don't let hunger creep up on you whilst you play, food and drink is available from the Vega Lounge bar menu, Ocean Treasure (Chinese restaurant) or even James Martin Manchester just ask one of our waitresses to order.


Sign up and earn points while you play


You can now redeem your Reward Points in the same way you like to earn them...Playing Poker!

Check your balance with the Poker Lounge team and redeem your Reward Points for full buy-ins for scheduled Poker Lounge tournaments

Poker Rewards rewards you for your Poker Play so that you can get more from your playing experience.

Play in any cash game in the Poker Lounge and you will earn reward points to spend on food, drinks and branded merchandise.


Receive a free rake or food voucher worth £5 for each 8 hours of play*.  

Free car parking at both NCP Great Northern Warehouse car parks for the time of your play.

* 8 hours of play does not have to be in one session. Hours can be accumulated over multiple visits. Offer is only available for Poker Player Rewards card holders. Poker Player Rewards card has to be presented at the start of play on each visit.

Redeem a £5 rake free voucher with your Player Rewards Points

From September onwards, the Poker Lounge has been giving £5 rake free vouchers and £5 F&B vouchers for all players that cumulate 8 hours of play. This promotion will end on the 28th of February. Any vouchers left will be used for players to redeem them in exchange for Player Rewards points.


Simply hand in your Poker Rewards card to the Poker Lounge staff and earn

60 points per hour in cash games

10 points for every £1 spent on tournament registration fees

Redeem your points for full tournament buy-ins

Just remember to hand your card in to the Poker Lounge team before you start playing!


Have you got a special birthday coming up or a stag do to organise?

Our Poker Packages are the complete Poker experience, complete with Learn to Play lessons for the novices amongst your group and a mini tournament to embrace your competetive spirit.

Call our Events team to book your private table. 0161 828 0300

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