• Slot Machines at Manchester235 Casino


With a range of 20 slot machines including Pharaoh’s Fortune and Fort Knox, progressive jackpots of up to £20,000 to be won, and payouts of up to 94% - you don’t want to miss out!

Touchbet Roulette: Min Bet 25p. Max Bet £200.
Automated Roulette: Min Bet 10p. Max Bet £100.


Tips and Advice

  • Our minimum bet depending on which machine is played can be as low as 5p but all machines have a maximum bet of £5.
  • Machines will take £1 coins and denominations of cash from £5 up to £50 notes, cashing out tickets only. The tickets can be redeemed at any other machine or cashdesk.
  • Every machine has a 'Help' button, which will present a guide to the machine's game.
  • The 'Pays' button will access the machine's Paytable showing how much is paid for each winning sequence. This will also show what type of Bonuses there are in each game.
  • All cash-outs at the cashdesk higher than £500 will require ID and higher than £1500 will require photo ID.

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